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NACHOS: Reproducible Compressive Nearfield Acoustic Holography

Matlab source code & data to reproduce results on Compressive Nearfield Acoustic Holography


(Nearfield ACoustic HOlography with Sparse regularization)


Download the NACHOS code & data

  • At last, the code is available here!
  • data is automatically downloaded from the code

Terms of use of NACHOS

  • If you use this code, please cite the corresponding article :

"Gilles Chardon, Laurent Daudet, Antoine Peillot, François Ollivier, Nancy Bertin, Rémi Gribonval. Nearfield Acoustic Holography using sparsity and compressive sampling principles. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, acoustical society of america, 2012.

See also:

Imaging the modes of a guitar board with Compressive Nearfield Acoustic Holography (photo: B. Arnaldi)


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